Art on the Road – Guatemala

I wanted to share this art on the road, a little doodle I did while travelling through the mountains of Guatemala.

I had wanted to work on some art while we were driving from one city to the next, but the roads were atrocious. They were so bumpy and the drivers thought they were in some sort of Mad-Max post-apocalyptic race. A few times, we thought we were going to die. In the 15 days that we were there, we only had vehicles break down three times (and that was a miracle!).

I ended up being able to draw during down times at the hostels we stayed at. This one was mostly done in a town called San Pedro on Lago Atitlan. The hostel was called Mr. Mullets and it was a bit of a party place. The people were friendly but loud. One of the things I did like about the hostel is that each room had a painting based on the theme – our room was the disco room.

san pedro lake atitlan art on the road sage noirSan Pedro was fantastic for inspiration and creating art on the road. It’s set on the side of a mountain lake, surrounded by other mountains and live volcanos (and one live volcano that we climbed!).¬† After a day spent kayaking¬†on Lake Atitlan, it was nice to relax with some food and drinks at Mr. Mullet’s bar.

There was some fantastic street art on the buildings of San Pedro. We walked around the town (no small feat, remember, it’s built into the side of the mountain, so you’re climbing as you explore) and took lots of pictures of the amazing paintings.

The picture came about because they were playing some decent music. Classic metal and hard rock. It ended up being a perfect end to an amazing day – doing some art while having a rum & coke at nearly 1,600 metres (5,125 feet).

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